Saturday, September 8, 2007

First post...

I started this blog as a reaction to the fact that I could not find any good, updated packages for installing ntfs-3g, the open source userspace NTFS driver, onto an OS X machine with no extra work for making NTFS volumes automount.
I'll probably terminate it as soon as an official hazzle-free package appears. (If there is one out there that I don't know about, please contact me so I can check it out)

In this post, I'd like to talk about my current setup:
To install NTFS-3G I use the installers and the scripts from the now defunct project at shadowofged's blog . As I only have the file "NTFS-3G 1.417 (Full).dmg" in my possession (I'm not sure about what rights I have to distribute it, so I won't), I use it to install the package. This sets up a fully working NTFS-3G environment with automatic mounting of NTFS file systems with the 3G driver, though with an older version.

I then download the precompiled NTFS-3G package from and extract the binaries and copy them over the existing ones:

mkntfs -> /usr/local/bin/mkntfs
ntfs-3g -> /usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g
ntfscat -> /usr/local/bin/ntfscat
ntfsclone -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsclone
ntfscluster -> /usr/local/bin/ntfscluster
ntfscmp -> /usr/local/bin/ntfscmp
ntfscp -> /usr/local/bin/ntfscp
ntfsfix -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsfix
ntfsinfo -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsinfo
ntfslabel -> /usr/local/bin/ntfslabel
ntfsls -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsls
ntfsresize -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsresize
ntfsundelete -> /usr/local/bin/ntfsundelete
libntfs.9.0.0.dylib -> /usr/local/lib/libntfs.9.0.0.dylib
libntfs.9.dylib -> /usr/local/lib/libntfs.9.dylib

After this, I have a very nice, automounting setup of the latest NTFS-3G version.

Note that I'm no NTFS-3G internal, and know nothing of the inner workings of NTFS-3G. I'm just a Mac user that likes to have access to the latest and greatest versions of NTFS-3G, in order to gain read/write access to my NTFS Boot Camp partition.


Paul said...

Hi, this is Paul. Most seem to know me by my pseudonym, ShadowOfGed.

I don't know how or where you tracked down my packages from April, but kudos for finding them. It's OK with me for you to use them as a basis; the only code therein is a shell script.

However, I'd warn against using it. Just before I had to pull my packages, I started seeing problems where ntfs-3g.fs would start taking ownership of CD-ROMs and Disk Images in rare but aggravating cases.

Please contact me via email or something. I'd really like to help a similar project take off, and I have a wealth of information that may be of use.

Erik said...

Any help would be great. :) I just sent you a mail. Hope the address on your blog account is correct, otherwise my email can be found at