Saturday, March 22, 2008

NTFS-3G 1.2310

Information on what's new in ntfs-3g can be found at the NTFS-3G release page.

There's nothing new on the OS X side.

I'm travelling a lot right now, and I seldom have time to sit down and work on NTFS-3G.
If you feel that you would like to help keeping the package updated when new ntfs-3g versions come out, please contact me.

Download NTFS-3G 1.2310 [stable]
Download NTFS-3G 1.2310 [ublio]
(packaging by catacombae)
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4/10.5, a PowerPC or Intel computer, MacFUSE 1.3 or later installed.
This package has been tested with OS X 10.4.11/Intel and OS X 10.5.2/Intel.

ntfs-3g 1.2310 (patched)
ntfsprogs 1.13.1


Anonymous said...

Can you write a howto for building a ntfs-3g package in order to help you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your work, that's really great, a shame that Apple don't pay you, as it simplifies the switch of a lot of people.
One issue for me : I can write but not read on a folder named with international characters (for example my foler was \vidéo\)

Rainer said...

This is fantastic! Speed with UBLIO has really become acceptable. I installed MacFuse via MacPorts and ntfs-3g from your .dmg version and had *nothing* to configure. NTFS-volumes mount automagically. Superb! A great thanks. This strengthens my position as a Mac'er among Windows-collegues enormously. I am surprised this presents itself so low profile, in my opinion it's a sensation.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

everything works great except that it takes about 30 seconds to shutdown my computer now. a thread on talks about this and says to contact the developer of the port. anyone else having this problem? i'm experiecing it on two different machines, both clean installs of leopard.

Erik said...


Please email me through the address displayed at if you want to help. (Applies to anyone willing to help) I can give you the details concerning my building and patching system, but it needs to become more streamlined, really. It takes a few hours of work to prepare each new release.

Erik said...


It's an open issue, this with international characters with umlauts, accents etc.
It really is the Finder's fault, as it is unwilling to handle composed unicode characters, a limitation (or more like a feature, really) of the HFS+ file system. A solution would include converting file names on the ntfs-3g level to the representation that Finder accepts, but it hasn't been done, and there are cases in which it can break cross-system compatibility.
Thanks for the feedback. :)

Erik said...


You're welcome. :)

Erik said...

Anonymous, March 27, 2008 11:28 PM:

It's unfortunately still an open issue... and a serious one too. I have experimented with different shutdown handlers to rid this problem, but it locks up in every situation... I have suggested that the issue occurs because of a MacFUSE bug, but I haven't got any helpful responses from the MacFUSE camp about it. (It's also hard to diagnose the problem...)

The problem isn't only that the computer takes 30 more seconds to shut down, but more seriously, the file system process doesn't exit cleanly, meaning that it's possible that it gets forcibly terminated while updating file system structures. This can corrupt the file system, but I haven't seen it actually happening yet.

In order to guarantee your data safety (and to ensure a quick shutdown), unmount all ntfs-3g volumes manually before shutting down or restarting the computer.

Anonymous said...

^^^ erik,

i always unmount before i shutdown and it still takes 30 seconds. that is i drag my drives to the trash/eject.. that is unmounting correct? if their is another way to do it that is better please let me know.

Erik said...


I don't know much about what "dragging the drive to the trash" does. Personally, if in 10.4, I use the eject icon next to the drive in the Finder, and if using 10.5, I open Disk Utility and unmount the drive.

Check if the ntfs-3g process is still running when you try to shut down the computer (Activity monitor). If it isn't, and shutdown still takes unusally long time, then I guess it really isn't ntfs-3g's fault.

Anonymous said...

I just want to let everyone know that this software work better than other BUGGY commercial products!

Here is a link to the forums @ paragon-software.
They cant seem to get things right.

NTFS3G is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great work, but I want to know if I want to remove these packge from my mac later How can I make that ??

Anonymous said...


Mount the package dmg file. There is a uninstall script included.

Anonymous said...

ok, so i figured out why i was still getting the 30 second shutdown. i *thought* i was ejecting/unmounting all my ntfs dives, but realized that my boot camp/parallels partition is ntfs and hence utilizing ntfs-3g resulting in the longer shutdown. is their any way to have this automatically ejected before shutting down?

Anonymous said...

I have searched the internet trying to find an answer about a conclusive difference between the Ublio and Stable versions of NTFS-3G.

I know the ublio version is faster but does that make it unstable?

What are known issues for ublio?

In the interim I will install the stable to be safe.

Thanks for your efforts,
JOe K.

Anonymous said...

Let me revise my above statement about ublio.

Does the danger of caching only apply to external drives being removed before being unmounted, and internal drives for a power outage or unexpected shutdown?

thanks, JOe K.

ugsasaki said...


Create '/etc/rc.shutdown.local' file, input below command and save it.

ps -ax | grep /usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g | grep -v grep | sed 's/^.*ntfs-3g //g' | sed 's/ .Volumes.*$//g' | sed 's/[r]disk/disk/g' | xargs -n 1 diskutil umount

Anonymous said...


I am by no means a mac expert (as this is my first Mac). Installed both the macfuse and the latest ntfs-3g package, by running the installers. However my ntfs usb drive keeps being mounted as read only (I am guessing using the Apple internal drivers).

I have tryed running the enable ntfs-3G command, after unmounting the ntfs drive, but this has had no effect. So my question is:

Am I missing something? Or do I need to do anything else to get the auto mount to use the ntfs-3g package?

Anonymous said...

Hi Erik,

I am having the same problem with ntfs-3g 1.2310 [stable] that Andrew had with ntfs-3g 1.2216 mentioned in
,namely that I got "hdiutil: attach failed - no mountable file systems" when using TrueCrypt 5.1a with ntfs-3g.

ntfs-3g works fine on non-encrypted ntfs partitions.

Is it a known issue with ntfs-3g and/or TrueCrypt ?


Tobias said...


I was also seing the same thing.
Try running the command to mount in Terminal

/dev/disk1s1 might need to change, you can find out if you run command "mount" in Terminal while the drive is mounted in finder as normal.

First unmount it from Finder
mkdir /Volumes/test
/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g /dev/disk1s1 /Volumes/test

For instance for mine it said $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)

So I had to redo the terminal command with -o force at the end.
This cleans the logfile (tells it itsbeen unmounted properly).

However I still have the problem with if I just connect it it will be mounted by os x native driver :/

Tobias said...

Just tried copying a file to the ntfs volume I had mounted using ntfs-3g in Terminal, Finder copies the file but at the end it fails stating "You do not have permissions to do this"
I checked the permissions and they are fine (read/write all over).

However if I do a copy in Terminal it does work fine.

Anonymous said...

This is way faster than paragon. You should be making the money here.

Anonymous said...


thanks but it doesn't seem to work.. i'm still getting the long shutdown...

Anonymous said...

ugsasaki, that script worked perfectly for me. When booting with the kernel flag -v at start up, upon shut down there was an error message about NTFS-3G not acting on SIGTERM (or similar). This didn't happen if I dismounted all the NTFS drives on the system (two of them) before hand, which was a bit of a pain and I sometimes forgot. I was looking for a way to run scripts at shutdown as I had created an AppleScript to dismount the two drives, but you're solution was much easier, thanks!

Anonymous said...


my system have also a long shutdown time now.


unmounting the drive is only a workaround not a solution.

There are already a new version available on

New package? Macports has this new version, so it seems to be compilable.

Anonymous said...

macfuse 1.5/1.5.1 is out. everything seems to be working good with ntfs-3g 1.2310. (except for the 30 second shutdown issue.)

Svyatogor said...

I have exactly same problem as Tobias i.e. I can copy file from Terminal but from finder fails with the error message about permissions. using v1.2812

would really appreciate some help!

p.s. one dirty "fix" is to rename the file to something else and then back to original name. then it works. which makes me suspicious about encoding, as it seems to happen with files in cyrillic

Erik said...


Why are you posting this comment under version 1.2310, when you're using the latest version?

This is a known issue, and is listed in the latest blog post.
I haven't seen it with cyrillic characters yet though. Can you give an example of a file name that you have to rename before being able to access the file?